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Episode 2 - Body and Soul

In this episode we cover the history of one of the most recorded and widely performed jazz standards, Body and Soul (1930). We dissect the tune’s dense harmonic composition, explain the importance of considering the lyrics when performing a song, and moreover talk about our general approach to playing a ballad.


Episode 1 - Afternoon in Paris

We break in this new podcast with a look at Afternoon in Paris (1949) by pianist/composer John Lewis. In case it isn’t obvious, we’re going to tackle songs alphabetically. We touch on the history of this tune and how it coincides with jazz progressing into bebop in the 1940's. We then analyze the form and harmony, and talk about our approach to playing in the spirit of this jazz classic.



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In each episode of this podcast we will attempt to tackle one classic jazz standard, discussing the history, theory, and overall appreciation of the song; and by the end of each episode we will, for better or worse, perform our own take. We’ll be talking about our experiences as musicians, the triumphs and challenges we have overcome or continue to face in the world of music. We hope to bring you interviews with experts and feature performances by distinguished guests. We’ll also tap into our own local scene to keep you plugged into what’s going on and music to watch out for.